Overview of Deliverance Process

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Do you have areas of your life where you feel powerless to find victory in Christ? Perhaps you have unforgiveness or hurts that affect the way you see the world or live your life. Or maybe you have some unexplainable spiritual things happening to you and you're afraid to talk about it (Don't be. We don't think you're crazy).

It's all spiritual, and sometimes we need others to walk us through a process of deliverance.

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Many have preconceived ideas of what the Deliverance Process may or may not entail. In this video, Pastor Adam asks Chet Swearingen some of the most common questions about the Deliverance Process in order to demystify the whole experience.

Who Needs Deliverance?

Below are the time codes for topics in the above video, so you can jump around to the parts you're most interested in.

01:25 - Why your past matters

04:04 - Why you need others

08:48 - Trauma creates bondage

12:27 - Why everyone needs deliverance

17:24 - Examples of deliverance

19:46 - Follow-up process after initial meeting

20:42 - More examples of deliverance

27:50 - What is deliverance?

Who Should Look Into Getting Deliverance?

Spiritual Apathy

  • When they have lost their concern for the unsaved who will spend eternity in the Lake of Fire.
  • When their own "stuff" is more important than helping others or doing what they know is right.
  • When they just can't shake off their horrible attitude and nasty disposition.

Spiritual Captivity

  • When they're unable to break an addiction.
  • When temptations to sin are above and beyond what is normal for most people, and those temptations have an unrelenting control over their life.

Sexual Injustice / Corruption

  • When victims of sexual abuse cannot receive healing from their emotional pain.
  • When sexual thoughts habitually plague them, giving the person no rest.
  • Addictions to pornography, prostitution, or perversions.

Spiritual Opposition

  • When they feel God is distant, or when they feel spiritually "stuck."
  • When they have lost interest in or doubt the Bible, church, or prayer.
  • When the mind is foggy, and it seems as though they are living their life in the background – watching what is taking place.
  • When they attempt to read the Bible and their eyes become foggy or a headache immediately comes on.
  • When they are sitting in a church service and a fog comes over the mind when the sermon begins, or when the singing starts.

Spiritual Torment

  • When inner turmoil or regrets deprive them of peace -- sometimes they can't even sleep for the lack of hope they feel.
  • When suicidal thoughts are unrelenting.
  • When self-mutilation (cutting, scratching), or obsessive-compulsive behaviors control them.
  • When they have voices speaking to them, telling them to do harmful things to themselves or to others, or the voices tell them things they know are contradictory to the Bible, and they know those voices are not their own. (We don't think you're crazy).
  • When there are obvious spiritual disturbances in the home, with things being seen, noises heard, or objects moving.