Starting the Deliverance Process

Phase One of the Deliverance Process

Overview of the Process

Phase One: Doing everything on this page, including the three worksheets. This page is all about Phase One.

Phase Two: Once Phase One is complete, come back here and sign up to "Continue the Process." A team leader will contact you to set up a conversation. This person is well trained to be your personal guide and is the only person who will see any personal details about you.

Phase Three: The deliverance session, which involves a prayer team that will unite to guide you in prayer for your deliverance.

Phase One Involves Three Things

Phase One requires three forms - available below. (The videos below explain these steps).

1. Forgiveness Worksheet: This is important because it is foundational to the Christian faith and is the act that frees a person’s mind from continual torment. The list you make from the worksheet should not be shown to anyone. It is an exercise between you and God alone.

2. Soul Tie Worksheet: Soul ties are in reference to ungodly and harmful emotional attachments between two individuals. These soul ties fragment a person’s mind. The list you make from this worksheet is to be shown to nobody. It is an exercise between you and God alone.

3. Deliverance Questionnaire: This questionnaire helps us lay out a path of prayer during your deliverance prayer session. Bring it with you when you meet with a team leader.


Watch this video teaching to learn about forgiveness and why we require you to complete a Forgiveness Worksheet.

Soul Ties

Now watch this video teaching to understand how ungodly soul ties can fragment a mind and prevent us from having mental wholeness.

Phase Two - Continue the Process

Once you've completed the three worksheets, click the button below to continue the process! Following that, a trained Deliverance Team Leader will contact you to schedule a face-to-face interview. After this interview, a deliverance session will be scheduled.