I'd Like Financial Counseling

You need some help? We've been there, too.

If you can't imagine living off 90% of what you make, chances are you are having trouble living off 100% of your income. You have bigger problems than tithing - and you may need some help.

Maybe you have a budget but it doesn't seem to fix anything. Maybe you've hit some rocky patches. Maybe you're downing in debt.

God wants your heart; he wants your freedom. You're one form away from finding financial freedom!

When you fill out the form below, we will match you up with a volunteer financial counselor who has seen financial success in their own life. All submissions will be treated confidential - the only people who will ever know about this are you, a Pastor, and the volunteer he matches you up with. They have tricks and tools that can help you get out of debt and living a truly free life in Christ.

We'd love to help EVERYONE, but right now we are only able to accommodate helping those who attend New Hope regularly.